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Moritz Felipe Stellmacher

Inventor. Interested in Blockchain + Education.



I love to learn and to build.
Currently, I’m most interested to learn about blockchain technology, educate other people about blockchain technology and apply it to educational use cases


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After school, I joined two friends to help them grow their backyard magazine into a national marketing and event agency as creative director.

2009 - 2014

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In 2014 I co-founded abend, a tech company with the mission to democratize marketing. I first developed the product and then served as the CEO of abend to over 3000 clients.

2014 - 2017

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While building abend I started investing in and advocating Bitcoin ( Why bitcoin should replace the like button, 2015 ).
Since 2017 I fully focus on mass adoption of blockchain technology, as the CEO of dacade, a peer-to-peer education platform.

2017 - Today


If you want to talk to me about education and blockchain or want to help to educate about blockchain technology or programming, please contact me, via mail or the socials.

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